Allan Park has become one of the jewels of Charleston, with its beautiful foliage, flowers, and the waters of Chapel Street Fountain. The Charleston Parks Conservancy, a nonprofit committed to keeping Charleston's green spaces great, is now turning its attention to Hampton Park. Specifically, to the renovation and management of its underutilized facilities. The Charleston Parks Conservancy just signed a 25-year lease agreement on the former police horse stables, the cottage in the park's northeast corner, and the snack stand. They will use all three spaces as a means to improve the park and generate revenue. The funds will help them maintain the park and other spaces throughout Charleston. The stables and cottage will available to rent for events (at a discount to Charleston locals!), and the snack stand will again begin to offer a small snack menu. This new cafe has even been approved to serve beer and wine! Luckily, the Conservancy is working to ensure that the cafe will be affordable for everyone. The area surrounding will also be available for art installations, and there are plans to bring musicians in to provide even more atmosphere! Read the full article here: 5 Things to Know About Hampton Park's Forthcoming Cafe

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