Boeing continues to lead the way of industrial growth in Charleston, SC. In recent years, the company has provided the area with 26,000 new jobs. These jobs were made possible thanks to over $9 billion in investments and 233 manufacturing expansions. Boeing plans to continue growing and creating more jobs in the Lowcountry.

Within the next year, the company is hoping to increase the workforce by at least 1.7% in South Carolina. At a time when unemployment rates are on the rise, this is a very ambitious goal, but Boeing is optimistic. They will also be expanding manufacturing and storage facilities. The company plans on taking over a 612,000 square foot distribution center that used to belong to Piggy Wiggly.

Boeing, along with several other companies in the area, is currently attempting to re-shore jobs. This process will return jobs to Charleston that had previously been moved overseas. An estimated 2,500 jobs are scheduled to be added throughout the year.

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