Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event held in West Palm Beach where entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners work to create ideas for businesses and get advice from seasoned small business owners. The event also attracts angel investors and talent recruiters who are looking to find the Next Big Thing in Palm Beach.

This year’s Startup Weekend has the theme “local.” Startup Palm Beach partnered with the local design firm Perfect to create branding for the event that expressed West Palm in an authentic and fun way. They decided that a representation of the boutiques and restaurants on Clematis Street would give the Startup Weekend logo the local flavor they wanted.

Perfect is a great example of a business that began as a startup in South Florida and later went on to global success. The firm has worked with Microsoft on design elements for Microsoft Office and on other projects. Perfect shows that businesses can begin in South Florida and use the region as a base for worldwide success. Startup Weekend is looking to find the next generation of young Palm Beach entrepreneurs who will found more companies like Perfect.

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