After a lengthy debate that spanned 12 hours and included more than 60 residents voicing their concerns, Palm Beach commissioners voted 5-2 to approve the Minto West development within The Acreage in Royal Palm Beach, FL. The new development will feature 4,500 new homes as well as a 2 million square foot shopping and business center.

While the new development will bring plenty of new housing, shopping, dining and employment opportunities to western Palm Beach County, many residents are concerned that it will compromise the rural lifestyle they have come to love within the area. Residents are further concerned that the communities that have already been established in the area simply cannot handle a massive population increase.

Despite these concerns, other residents are looking forward to the creation of the new development. They were in such great support of the area’s growth that they wore “Yes on Minto” shirts to the Palm Beach Commission meeting where residents’ concerns were heard. Those who support the development believe it will bring many needed services to the area, which will prevent residents from needing to travel great distances to obtain the services they need. Furthermore, supporters believe the expansion will provide more affordable housing options to those who wish to live in Palm Beach County.

While the commission has already approved moving forward with Minto West, it is possible that progress toward its development could be stalled. This is mainly due to the fact that some area residents are considering filing a lawsuit against the county in an effort to stop the development plans.

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