Delray Beach city commissioners are considering starting a cultural exchange with the city of Pesaro, Italy. The exchange will be a part of the international Sister Cities program, which is a nonprofit created by Dwight Eisenhower to encourage international understanding. Delray is already sister cities with Miyazu, Japan; Moshi, Tanzania; and Aquinas, Haiti.

Officials from Pesaro paid Delray Beach a visit in January to explore whether they wanted to partner up. Delray officials returned the favor with a visit this past summer. Representatives from Pesaro will return in December to explore the specific details of the partnership.

The two cities have a lot in common: they both are located by the sea, and rely on tourism for an important part of their local economies. The sister city relationship will promote tourism, education, and business development. This pairing will be a great opportunity to bring international dollars and culture to Palm Beach County.

Read the full article here: Delray Beach May Start Cultural Exchange With Pesaro, Italy

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