Front Yard Tips

There’s a reason that the phrase “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression” has become a cliche over the years. First impressions are everything. They give you an idea of what’s to come, and they help you form an opinion. While we usually think of this phrase at it relates to people, it also holds true for our homes. Think about your yard as your first chance to make a good first impression on someone. Your yard and front exterior, what we lovingly refer to as “curb appeal,” is your home’s opportunity to put its best foot forward. As you start sprucing your front yard and dressing it in its spring best, consider adding a bit of a wow factor, too. There are so many cool landscaping ideas out there. Today, we’re covering everything from the best flowers to plant in spring to neat front yard landscaping plans.

Grab guests attention with flowers.

Few things will draw attention to your home as well as flowers do. Not only do stunning florals provide a pop of color to your front yard, but they also make a home seem more welcoming. The best annuals for the South include Begonias, Marigolds, Pansies, and Petunias. Annuals typically last only one year (hence their name) which allows you to continually play with different colors, patterns, and types year after year. Perennials, on the other hand, die each winter and grow back each year. Summer Phlox is a beautiful statement perennial that will bloom a bright magenta. For an easy to care for plant, consider blooming shrubs like hydrangeas. Similar to perennials, hydrangeas will die during winter months, but with proper pruning, you’ll get big blooms the following year. To practice your master gardener status, you can even control the color your hydrangeas bloom by adding more or less acidity to your soil. Regardless of what type of flowers you choose, greeting guests with blooms is a great way to add curb appeal.

Focus on easy to manage landscaping.

Few people have the time or energy to spend hours in their yards. More often than not, we’re looking for easy to manage landscaping ideas that can pack a punch without packing a time commitment. Plants like vines can help cover unsightly yet necessary yard utilities by growing around them. They can also climb trees or fences to add an additional level of whimsy. Another landscaping trick? Play with your materials. Make your greenery seem punchier by adding black mulch to your planters instead of traditional neutral tones. You’ll be surprised at the difference dark mulch makes around your trees or shrubs. One good day of mulching each season should last you several months. Additionally, consider incorporating stone pathways or accents in order to give your yard some texture while cutting back on maintenance. Finally, look into an irrigation system that can water your yard on demand.

Incorporate creativity with cool landscaping ideas.

Since your front yard is your first chance to showcase your home’s personality (and yours!), let yourself be creative. Think of your yard as a blank green canvas waiting to be painted. There are tons of unique front yard landscaping ideas out there, and we’re sure you’ve got some in your mind’s eye, too. One of our favorite ideas is adding pizzazz to your driveway and paths. Combine some of the concepts mentioned above like flowering shrubs, mulch, and stone to greet your guests with gumption. Integrate raised beds or window boxes to add height and interest to the exterior of your home. Grab a color wheel and look for colors that not only complement each other, but make a big impact. Yellows and purples, for example, are opposites on the color wheel but will shine side by side.

As you make your landscaping choices, we invite you to do one thing: have fun. Use your yard and front exterior to present some personality. Your neighbors will be impressed, and you will be happy!

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