Many folks are loyal to their local coffee shops, and Charleston residents are certainly no different. Just like when discussing which beach, neighborhood, or brewery is tops, Charlestonians will fiercely defend their favorite caffeine watering hole. But which ones are truly the best in town? The Daily might be the tops. Its coffee is strong, just like it should be, and its cold brew is the best around. If you're looking for more than just great coffee, head to Saint Alban. This atmospheric spot features interesting lunch plates (though their coffee is quite good, too). The only downside is that they have no wifi, but that could also be a good thing for those looking to unplug. If you want to grab some coffee on the go, Black Tap has fantastic pour-over coffee and perfect lattes. If a nice, quiet spot is what you're after, Collective Coffee will be your scene. It's the perfect place to drink some tasty coffee and get a quiet bite to eat while you get some work done. Finally, there's Muddy Waters, a favorite spot for those Charleston residents who work remotely. What do you look for in the perfect coffee shop? Read the full article here: Best Coffee Shops in Charleston

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