As living spaces get smaller, figuring out storage becomes more important. After all, you can only declutter to a certain extent. While many people think that storage options come at a hefty price, there are plenty of innovative options that consist of affordable installations and innovative upcycles.

Here are some of the best storage ideas that will help you get your house in order.

Dish Drying Rack Above the Sink

The space above the sink is generally open and unused. This, combined with the fact that the sink is underneath, makes it the perfect location for a permanent dish drying rack. Not only will this save energy by allowing your dishes to drip dry into the sink, but it will also give you more counter space. As kitchens tend to have limited space available, every little bit helps.

Add the drying rack to the hinges and add a hook so that you can flip it up out of the way when you’re done with it. When it comes to innovative storage solutions, hinges will be your best friend.

Slide-Out Drawers

There have been a lot of wonderful innovations in kitchen cabinets in recent years, especially when it comes to wasted space. Corner cabinets are traditionally notorious for having wasted space, with pots and pans slipping away into the abyss. While a lazy susan installation can help keep canned goods and baking supplies organized, it limits the ability to use this space for pots and pans.

Slide-out drawers are a lifesaver when it comes to storage. Not only do they replace the need for open cabinets and shelves, but they ensure that you don’t end up with canned goods expiring after being pushed to the back of a ground-level shelf.

You can even get a slide-out drawer that fits a corner cabinet with built-in pot and pan storage. Consider adding some other custom options under the sink, or in the space between the fridge and cupboards for spices and small utensils.

Tension Rods for Extra Closet Space

If you’re having trouble keeping your closets organized, look no further than tension rods. A quick trip to the department store and a few inexpensive shower curtain rods later, and you’ve effectively tripled your closet space.

Add a tension rod halfway down the closet to hang extra clothes, ties, and accessories. If shoe storage is an issue, place two tension rods staggered near the bottom of the closet to keep your floor clear and clean. Tension rods are also great for the garage, where you can hang tools on S-hooks.

PVC Pipes in Drawers

Clothing drawers have a tendency to get messy in a hurry. While you can use the popular Mari Kondo folding method to keep shirts and pants organized, delicates can be tricky. Cut PVC pipes into small circles and place them in the drawer to keep your delicates well organized and kept apart from each other. These can also be used for jewelry or perfume storage and organization.

PVC pipes are also fantastic for organizing shoes, hats, gloves and mittens, and even hot tools in the bathroom. Set them in drawers or secure them to the interior walls of cabinets for a simple, affordable storage solution.

Corkboard Jewelry Wall

Corkboard jewelry walls are a functional work of art. Hang this in the space behind your door or near your mirror to keep your jewelry tangle-free and ready to go. You can make this display even more special by adding custom decor touches, such as decorative tacks and unique images or quotes.

Getting organized doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need to be able to think outside the box. Use these simple storage ideas to help organize your entire home.

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