Charleston-Commercial-Real-Estate-1For the past five years, Jail Break has brought music, art, dance, and comedy to Charleston twice a year. Founder Andrew Walker has announced that this past weekend's festival was the last hurrah. Why did he choose to end Jail Break? For him, it was never about going on forever. Walker subscribes to the notion that it's better to burn out than to fade away. Still, Jail Break tripled its attendance since its initial run. Why walk away? Walker says that it's all about pursuing other interests. Music, dance, filmmaking, golf, birding - he does a lot of things well. Jail Break was about finding ways to facilitate collaboration between local artists of different disciplines, and about finding ways to blur the lines between those disciplines. He found Old City Jail to be the perfect venue, and the festival was born. "I thought if we could get everybody into this one amazing place, collaboration could be the result," Walker says. But just because Jail Break is finished doesn't mean Walker is. He's looking for ways to bring a new Charleston arts festival to the area that's even bigger! Read the full article here: Jail Break Founder Andrew Walker Talks Creativity, Burn Out, and Walking Away

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