Oyster season is just around the corner, and the demand for oysters is sky high. That's why a local company is trying to get the industry to evolve. During warmer months, local wild oysters are spawning, which decreases their size and the quality of their meat. St. Jude Farms, though, is trying change that with oyster farms, which could shift the time frame in which the oysters are ready to be eaten. Location is important for these oyster farms. A total of 750 cages will be floating at the intersection of three waterways in the ACE Basin to give the oysters that specific Charleston salt, size, and flavor. Danny Hieronymus, operations manager at St. Jude Farms, refers to this farmed product as the "Kobe beef of oysters. They get a constant flow of food so they are constantly eating." St. Jude Farms will distribute over 100,000 oysters this season, and restaurateurs are hungry for more. These local oysters will provide a unique flavor to Charleston oyster fans, and the farmers hope to eventually make them available all year long! Read the full article here: Lowcountry Company Aims to Make Local Oysters Available All Year

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