In 1869, the Charleston Daily News published a story of a haunted house, claiming that people had been avoiding it for years. When a young skeptic spent the night in the house in an effort to dispel the rumors, he found two women rattling chains in the middle of the night outside a window. It turned out that a well, the only one in the neighborhood, sat on the property, and the house's neighbors were only permitted to use it when the house was empty. Charleston is a city with a long and rich history, and there are just as many forgotten ghost stories as there are stories still passed around. The story of Julia Legare, the wife of a plantation owner who many believe was buried alive, is still famous enough that folks leave flowers in her family mausoleum to this day. The story goes that she contracted diptheria, which can cause paralysis, and was believed to be dead. She was placed in the mausoleum, and when it was opened again her body was propped against the door as though she had tried to escape. The mausoleum door would then mysteriously move on its own each night, until the cemetery caretaker had it removed for good. Charleston is full of strange tales like this. Get in the Halloween spirit and read some more below! Read the full article here: Two Little-Known Charleston Legends That Time has Nearly Forgotten

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