Darlyle Halbert has long been a jazz fan, and that style of music has influenced his work through the years. The subjects of his art are geared toward Southern cultural touchstones like jazz and blues music and agriculture. His talents have landed him the position of artist-in-residence for the city of North Charleston for 2015-2016. This role will ask a lot of Halbert both in and out of the studio in the coming year. You will be able to view his paintings at the North Charleston City Gallery, and he'll provide artistic services to people and places within the city limits. Halbert is most looking forward to participating in educational outreach programs, though. He plans to help young students and senior citizens recognize the values and possibilities of art. "I think the arts is a great way to educate and I like that I'm out there showing kids, showing seniors, that the arts can be very effective when it comes to informing people," he says. Halbert's knack for telling stories through art will make his residency a great contribution to the community of North Charleston. Learn more about his new position below! Read the full article here: Meet North Charleston's New Artist-in-Residence

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