gb-color-21-fl Florida Gov. Rick Scott said in a recent trip to Boca Raton that business in Palm Beach County added more than 14,000 private-sector jobs over the past year. The Governor made this announcement during a visit to ADT’s corporate headquarters. The company is a big employer in the state, with over 3,000 Florida residents working at the security firm.

Palm Beach County’s encouraging job numbers are part of an overall trend of job growth in Florida. The state added 20,000 new jobs in August, and now has over 7 million private sector jobs, the most ever. 20,252 job openings were posted last year in the West Palm Beach area, including over 5,000 high wage science and technology jobs.

The state of Florida is also taking steps towards passing a $15 an hour minimum wage. When questioned about the possibility, Gov. Scott did not say whether or not he would support it. An increased minimum wage could stimulate growth by increasing the amount of money consumers can spend, but it might also hurt business by increasing costs for employers.

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