The Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank is an organization whose mission is to finance the brilliant charitable ideas of local teenagers. The Tank is now accepting pitches from students in 7th-12th grade for “innovative solutions to community issues and social problems in Palm Beach County.” The students will have to pitch their ideas to panel of four prominent South Floridian philanthropists, who will judge the pitches based on creativity, community impact, sustainability, and feasibility. Twelve finalists will get the chance to win $15,000 and expert mentorship to make their ideas a reality.

This competition is a valuable opportunity for a smart student to shake up the world of philanthropy. Who knows what creative community initiatives could be dreamed up by charitably-minded young men and women? The organization who organizes the Philanthropy Tank, Advisors for Philanthropic Impact, also runs classes at Palm Beach County schools that teach students the value of philanthropy. The classes have a profound effect on students’ attitudes towards charity, and they also benefit local nonprofits like Scripps, Quantum House, and Peggy Adams.

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