Mercantile & Mash, Charleston's new "gourmet food emporium," recently launched an additional menu at the twelve-seat Chef's Counter. The place already serves up breakfast and lunch items in addition to its to-go offerings, but this new menu is a sort of "fancy" option for lunchtime diners. So how is it? Prices at the chef's counter range from $9 to $18; a little more indulgent than the sandwiches you'd get elsewhere in the emporium. With six dishes, though, almost every one is well worth the price. It's a great place to bring a client you're trying to impress or even a visiting friend. The menu will change from week to week based on seasonal ingredients, and right now you can expect a lot of squash at the counter. The house-made pasta, a butternut agnolotti, is delectable, and the textural sensation of the smoked tuna crudo, topped with pistacios, fennel, and pomegranate seeds, is fantastic.  If you're after a hearty soup, the local acorn squash soup, topped with goat cheese, parmesan, and brown sugar, is exactly as delicious as it sounds. Will you be grabbing an upscale, locally-sourced lunch from Mercantile & Mash anytime soon? Read the full article here: A First Taste of Mercantile and Mash's Chef's Counter

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