Because sometimes we all need a little inspiration…

Whether you’re trying to decorate a new home or looking to refresh the look of your current space, it’s often helpful to seek inspiration online so you don’t end up overwhelmed (there are after all, so many choices for what you can do!). From mid-century modern to bohemian chic, these websites are chock full of interior decor inspiration and decorating ideas that you can accomplish at pretty much any budget.

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Bright Bazaar

If you love color

Bright Bazaar is a NYC-based blog of designer Will Taylor, author of Dream Decor. His self-described “make you smile style” is full of bright colors, helpful tips, and lots of fun inspiration. If you love color, you’ll definitely find plenty of inspiration here!

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Martha Stewart Living

If you’re more classic

There’s a reason Martha Stewart has remained so popular for so long, and that’s because her contemporary classic style seems to be evergreen in terms of popularity. And the best part is that you can find many of her design elements at Home Depot, so it’s super simple to take what you see on the site and make it happen in your own home!

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Ardesia Design

If you’re into minimalist style

Much like the designs they feature, Ardesia’s website is very simple and pared down, without any gimmicks or flashiness. They simply have different examples of work they’ve done for various clients with lots of beautiful photography. Their blog, Norse White, also has practical design ideas you can implement in your own home.

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The Jungalow

If you’re bohemian style

The Jungalow is a lifestyle blog by Justina Blakeney and her team of bohemian enthusiasts. It covers everything from fabrics to plants to different blends of bohemian style, and everything in between. If you’re going for an earthier feel in your home, this is a great resource to consult!

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Atomic Ranch

If you’re mid century modern fans

If mid century modern is your style of choice, then you need to go ahead and bookmark Atomic Ranch. They cover everything mid mod--from case studies and house tours to round ups of the perfect design elements and where to buy the perfect furniture.

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The Modern Rustic Home

If you’re a fan of farmhouse, country, and rustic chic

Farmhouse design has really taken off in recent years, and when it comes to giving your home a tasteful rustic feel, The Modern Rustic Home is a great reference point. They have examples for every room in the house (including exterior spaces) and also include some DIY tips for adding those extra elements.

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If you’re not sure what you like yet

If you’re not sure what sort of style you’re going for yet, try doing a search on Pinterest for the room you’re trying to decorate. You can see a few different design styles at once and pick the ones that speak to you most!

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