Many of us love a good burger, but there are some out there who don't indulge in meat. Charleston is a city with a large population of vegetarians and vegans. Where can you go when your friends want to grab a great burger in the Lowcountry, but you don't eat meat? Bay Street Biergarten has a quinoa and kale burger that puts the usual black bean burger to shame. With crunch from white beans and quinoa helping to keep it from being as dry as most veggie burgers, this is just as deliciously indulgent as its meat-based cousins. Topped with grilled kale, crispy onions, swiss cheese, and a sunny side up egg, even stalwart meat-eaters will be tempted. Rutledge Cab Co. also has a great veggie patty despite being known for its juicy traditional burgers. Their veggie option is packed with lentil, mushroom, and rice and topped with Thousand Island, lettuce, onion, and tomato. And if you're a fan of all things spicy, Closed for Business has a burger made from butter beans, red peppers, jalapenos, and more and topped with serrano pepper sauce. Check out the link below for more delicious and healthy burger alternatives in Charleston! Read the full article here: This City's Got Plenty of Un-burgers for Meat Eaters and Veg Lovers Alike

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