Looking for some succulent barbecue in Charleston? Destination BBQ has a new and improved website, which allows South Carolina barbecue fanatics to filter a comprehensive list of restaurants to find the perfect place for them. The site allows diners to search by criteria including sauce type and payment method, but it's also great for the featured restaurants. Over a third of South Carolina's barbecue restaurants have no website of their own, making it hard for new customers to track them down. Featured restaurants on Destination BBQ will often get more business from the site, which was created by Jim Roller in 2012 as a family project. The tally of barbecue restaurants statewide is, according to Roller, 260. Destination BBQ supplies each with unique page featuring their address, and phone number, and some have a menu and hours. But the best feature of the site is the new search tool. Looking for a restaurant that's less than twenty miles away and specializes in heavy tomato sauce? Just set your search criteria and you're there! "We like to believe that we offer something focused on helping people find South Carolina barbecue, and hopefully help South Carolina barbecue restaurants along the way." We'd say he's succeeded! Read the full article here: Destination BBQ Debuts SC Barbecue Locator

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