gb-color-22-flDowntown Boca is a hotbed of cuisines from a wide variety of foreign lands. If you stroll through downtown now, you’ll past restaurants serving European standbys like Italian and French along with more exotic places offering Middle Eastern and Indian food. Now another international cuisine has arrived to the area: Swiss.

The building on Federal and 5th that was formerly known as Ovenella has reopened as the Little Chalet after more than a year of renovations. The new restaurant has an interesting pedigree: it serves Swiss food, but is part of a restaurant group that is based in Brazil.

You wouldn’t know that the Little Chalet’s roots lie anywhere other than Switzerland from tasting the food, however. The Chalet serves Swiss classics like fondue, steaks, raclette, and potato gratin. The months of renovations payed off as well; the interior looks exactly like you would imagine a Swiss ski chalet in the Alps would look. If you ever want to go someplace in Palm Beach County to be transported to Europe for an hour or two, check out the Little Chalet.

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