West Palm Beach’s city commission voted on Monday to approve buildings to be designated for “cultural uses” on the Rosemary Avenue-Clematis Street corridor. This area of town, which links the waterfront with CityPlace, will now be cleared to add theaters to its current mix of shops and restaurants.

City officials hope that the addition of theaters will help make the region even more vibrant than it already is, and create a thriving nightlife scene. Some staffers recommended a limit of one theater per block, but the initiative passed without this limit.

The zoning rules change was first proposed because the Miami-based Naked Stage Theatre troupe wanted to move to 522 Clematis and build a 150-seat venue at that location. West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio was supportive of the theater initiative.

Adding theaters to downtown will make West Palm Beach a regional entertainment destination that could draw more talent from Miami and elsewhere. The new Naked Stage venue will establish Clematis as a theater hotspot, as Palm Beach Dramaworks is also located on the street.

Read the full article here: Culture and Clubs on Clematis: West Palm Oks Theaters Alongside Retail

Link: http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/news/local/culture-and-clubs-on-clematis-west-palm-oks-theate/nnrSF/

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