Dena Lusa


Well known in the North Palm Beach County area, making the North Palm Beaches her home since 1988, Dena Lusa is respected for her patience, kindness and ability to make a difference. As a local real estate agent whether working with first-time homebuyers, existing homeowners, or experienced investors, Dena guides her clients through the steps of a purchase, and educates them so they can make the right decisions. "Buying real estate should be an enjoyable and not frustrating process," says Dena. "A good agent knows how to help her clients and eliminate the stress to make them feel comfortable and confident at all times. “ Dena makes successful deals happen forging strong relationships along the way.

With a Degree in Interior Design and Art Studies from Bowling Green State University, and a 19 year background in Outside Sales, Dena found the perfect career match in real estate by utilizing her eye for design and detail.

Married with 2 Bulldogs, Dena loves to read, entertain friends and travel when time outside of her work and community obligations allows.

Dena has a uniquely warm and engaging personality that enables her to generate a trusting environment which tends to facilitate agreement. She is a careful listener and an exhaustive researcher who always has a firm command of the relevant facts. She is a genuinely caring person who correctly senses spoken and unspoken needs - - an essential quality in giving first rate customer service.

Dena is an instantly likable person who has the chemistry to smooth the path going forward to closing a satisfactory deal. She brings to each seller and buyer a wealth of knowledge of the Palm Beach County area along with a soothing and relaxing charm.

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