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Our names are Neil and Sonia Nichols, and we currently live in Jupiter Florida along with our 2 teenage kids and 2 dogs (Yorkies). Neil and Sonia have been married for over 22 years now, and moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida in 2015, after Neil retired from the Air Force. We met in Tucson, AZ when Neil was going through flight training to be an A-10 pilot, and had subsequent assignments that moved us to Enid Oklahoma, San Antonio Texas, and Gulf Breeze (Pensalcola) Florida. After retiring from the Air Force, Neil became a pilot for JetBlue Airways, which is what led us to Jupiter Florida.

You may ask why we are spending so much time telling you about our moves and assignments ... the simple answer is that our love for real estate and our desire to be real estate agents stems from all of our experiences buying, selling, investing, and moving frequently throughout those years. We loved the excitement of looking for new homes on each new assignment, and we gained invaluable insights into what it takes to put a home on the market and sell it. However, most importantly, we learned that a good real estate agent can make all of the difference in one's moving experience. Oftentimes, the REALTOR is the first person you meet in a new area; they are often the ones who help get you set up with all of the various services, businesses, vendors, and contacts you need and depend on when settling in to your new area. In short, the real estate agents who helped us settle in to our various homes were invaluable and unforgettable influences in our lives, and now we want to be able to give back and serve others in the same way.

Our clients gain several advantages when working with us; first and foremost they get 2 agents for the price of one, with each of us covering for each other and bringing different real estate related strengths and talents to serve you. Our clients also have the benefit of being able to call either of us, which means more availability to meet your needs as a customer. Furthermore, Neil is a professional real estate photographer and drone pilot, which means our clients get the full-services of our drone and real estate company that we have run for the past 5 years - Sky Vision Aerial Imagery And finally, if you talk to those who have worked with us in the past, they would tell you that we treat you like family, guide you through every step of the process, and work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure everything is correct.

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Neil and Sonia were absolute professionals and a pleasure to work with!  They were able to quickly ascertain what I was looking for and they quickly found and led me to the perfect new home.  They led me through every step of the process and it was as smooth as I could have hoped for!  I loved working with them so much that I have also listed my current home with them - and I highly recommend them!

Norma Bullanday

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