Tiffiany Sandy


With first-hand renovation experience, Tiffiany Sandy is a real estate investor who has flipped numerous waterfront condos and other properties. As such, she has extensive experience with supervising contractors, redesigning interior space and creating marketing strategies to get properties sold. Her experience as an investor and a landlady helps her bring a unique perspective to each of her clients and their transactions, whether they are looking for a family home or a great investment opportunity.

Known for her creativity, determination and reliability, Tiffiany is a trustworthy and compassionate real estate agent with strong communication skills. Tiffiany is also 1031 Exchange Certified and has extensive experience renovating and selling properties at a variety of different price points.

During her free time, Tiffiany enjoys boating, horseback riding and watching polo matches. An avid traveler, Tiffiany has been to 11 countries and plans to continue adding to her list. She also enjoys visiting art galleries and museums. Tiffiany also volunteers with horse rescue initiatives.

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