Yvonne Yocum


Specializing in single-family homes and new construction, Yvonne Yocum has earned numerous awards and accolades as a real estate agent. As someone who previously lived in Indiana, Yvonne knows what it is like to move to a new city and state. With this experience combined with her knowledge of Florida, she is a capable and competent real estate agent ready to help anyone who is either new to Florida or who has called Florida their home for their entire life.

Known for her passion, courage and professional attitude, Yvonne is a patient, helpful and knowledgeable real estate agent who strives to be responsive, clear and punctual with her clients.

During her free time, Yvonne enjoys spending time at the beach, where she likes to spend time shelling, boating, kayaking and exploring islands. She also enjoys trying new restaurants, cooking, biking and traveling.

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