NV Realty Group, Lifestyles Division

The Lifestyles division of NV Realty Group is a strategic advisory and management firm that assists Country Clubs and Developments in marketing and management through the real estate profession. Our experience in real estate and country clubs will bring another marketing and sales tool for the club to market new members and to increase the exposure of the club in a non-traditional manner. We offer several options for your club or development, our preferred real estate partnership program offers the club the best solution. We also offer consulting and assist in building and maintaining your own in-house real estate company.

Understanding the challenges that Private Clubs are facing in today's world, we are able to customize a specific "plan of action" for your Club. We work with the General Manager, Membership Director, Board of Directors and the associated committees throughout the process. We provide absolute dedication to the club's best interest. Take confidence in our experience while working side by side with our team as we provide a tailored comprehensive approach to meet your needs and objectives. We have assembled a team of country club and real estate professionals to implement the most successful and professional program for your club. The experience and qualifications of our Lifestyles division is truly incomparable to any program offering club community real estate. Utilizing this non-traditional approach through a real estate operational program can be beneficial to the success of your clubs future, real estate sales = new members = initiation fees & cash flow! We understand the need for Global Exposure!

How many prospective "new members" never step into your Club? When you ask yourself this question, you realize the importance of your relationship with us. Every club has its own unique story to tell. Telling your Club's story consistently and completely to potential new members/property owners is our main objective! We do feel the most important ingredient to the melding of your private club and its associated real estate is to be able to control the listings with a team that is knowledgeable in bringing your club the members that best match your culture and environment. We look forward to designing a program which is customized to fit in perfectly with your Club.

Mission Statement

NV Realty Group will provide high quality, consistent branding at your club, exclusive marketing and selling of your clubs properties, and the highest level of professionalism to members, guests and staff with integrity, passion and skillful urgency. We will deliver the same consistent expectation of excellent personal service provided by the Club.

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