Three years ago, Charleston native and abstract artist Tim Hussey left the Lowcountry for Los Angeles. The one-time art director of magazines like Garden & Gun, Outside, and GQ was looking for new challenges. Now, though, Hussey has moved back to Charleston and is ready for his return show at the George Gallery. "We planned to be away a year, but stayed for three," Hussey says, explaining that he really fell in love with California. "It was the first time I was prepared to remain for good somewhere other than Charleston." LA is home to such artists as Mark Bradford and Laura Owens, who are changing the landscape of American contemporary abstract painting. The city provided an environment for Hussey to reconsider his own work in an effort to stick out amidst a huge number of talented artists. "Has my work evolved? It's always evolving," he says. Hussey's time on the West Coast helped to stimulate his process, and the work he has to show for it will be on display at his upcoming show, Aphasia, at the George Gallery in Charleston. Find out more about this exhibition below! Read the full article here: Tim Hussey Returns to Charleston With Aphasia

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