If you follow the news of the culinary world, you may have been hearing the recent buzz about food halls. These are department stores filled with provisions, along the lines of British businesses like Selfridges. The idea is beginning to catch on in America in places like Anthony Bourdain's future Pier 57. Butcher & Bee owner Michael Shemtov is bringing a similar, but different, idea to Charleston. His latest project is what he's calling "a fancy food court." This might conjure up images of the local mall, but this space, which will be managed by Jonathan Ory of Chicago's acclaimed Bad Wolf Coffee, will feature six small restaurant spaces to give up-and-coming business owners of food trucks and pop-ups a brick and mortar option sans the risk. Think of it as a restaurant incubator. The renters will be constantly evolving, though Ory and Shemtov say that if they find a hit, there's no reason a business couldn't sign a longer lease. Ory will act as the "majordomo" of the food court, spot-checking all of the restaurants. This project should do a lot to bring even more great restaurants to the Charleston area! Read the full article here: The Newest Charleston Food Concept is a Return to a Classic: The Food Court

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