This post on the Luxe website is perfect for potential homebuyers, design enthusiasts, and curiosity seekers alike. It provides an in-depth look at a fabulous Palm Beach home and the changes it took to make it as impressive as it looks. The design team was tasked with achieving a minimal yet traditional style that embraced open, breathable living. And based on the impressive photos, it appears that this aesthetic was achieved. The living room is mostly white with a fireplace focal point set off with a slatted white oak wall. Black trim around the French doors and windows give it a modern feel, while personal items relating to the arts and past travels add warmth. On the more practical side, hip roofs and storm shutters provide protection against the elements. The décor is kept very accessible throughout the house, with touches of grays and greens added to the neutral palate. Textured pieces have also been incorporated. But it all remains a luxurious backdrop to the stunning views outside. Read the full article here: A Modern Palm Beach Home with a Tropical Landscape

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