Colony Living. It is a lifestyle choice that longtime resident, Town Commissioner, and current Vice-Mayor Tom DiSarno tries to elucidate to potential buyers. With only 243 home sites that are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Jupiter Inlet, and the Intracoastal Waterway, real estate in the colony is a rather uncommon commodity. “Often, I deal with family members because people stay here forever!” claims DiSarno, a real estate professional with NV Realty Group who specializes in Jupiter Inlet Colony homes. With more than 16 years of real estate experience, DiSarno can tell almost immediately if a buyer will make an offer on a home in Jupiter Inlet Colony. “So many different walks of life come through here looking to buy a home, but somehow you can tell who will and who won’t. It’s a mindset that you can’t really define but eventually has you saying, ‘Only in the Colony!’”

A quaint, unpretentious town, the Colony features flower-filled walkways that lead straight to the beach and the Intracoastal. At the mouth of the Inlet is the town’s private beach club where members are privy to a full-size kitchen, tables, lounge area, game room, and restroom facilities. Outside members enjoy incredible views from the second floor balcony, a secluded swim area, tiki huts, grills, fire pits, bocce ball, picnic tables, a basketball court, and outdoor showers. Designed by developer Charlie Martyn in 1953 and incorporated in 1959, the peninsula prides itself on being a self-sufficient sanctuary that is progressively improving its way of life while simultaneously preserving its natural treasures. 

It’s all about the people. Jupiter Inlet Colony’s small town feel and year round sunshine create a “Mayberry meets island life” type of environment. “Everyone here has a special bond with each other. Often, we meet at one of the sitting areas on the north or south walkways for sunrise, happy hour, or pet walks on the beach,” says DiSarno. Additionally, the members’ club along with the Property Owners Association hosts a variety of social events such as wine pairings, game nights, block parties, and brunches at the clubhouse. These events frequently lead to life-long friendships and, in some cases, band mates. “Only in the Colony,” jokes DiSarno, “can a real estate agent, an architect, a golf course designer, and a famous musician come together and form a rock band.” DiSarno, the real estate agent of the group, reminisces how it all started: “I sold a client a home in the Colony, and as a token of appreciation, he gave me a guitar. We started playing together and before long, our band was formed.” These types of friendship stories are not rare in the Colony; in fact, such bonds are the very heartbeat of the community’s charm.

It’s all about the community. As a municipality, Jupiter Inlet Colony is comprised of a Mayor, Vice-Mayor, four Commissioners, and its own police department. “Our policemen are as good as they get and take the time to get to know every single one of our residents. That alone makes this an extra special place to call home,” states DiSarno, who has served for 13 years as Town Commissioner and is the current Vice-Mayor. After the 2004 hurricanes, the town forged ahead on a plan to eradicate unsightly and antiquated power poles. The project took five years to plan and two more to execute, but today all the utilities are underground and predominately trouble-free. As of the summer of 2016, the town’s next large scale infrastructure project involves replacing septic tanks with a gravity fed central sewer system; eliminating 80% of current storm water discharges (runoff) by adding infiltration trenches; replacing potable drinking water lines throughout the community; and, finally, resurfacing the roads throughout the neighborhood. “We are dedicated to becoming as green a community as possible,” explains DiSarno. “This project puts the community on the right track for decades to come.”

It’s all about the water. According to DiSarno, Jupiter Inlet Colony boasts some of the best fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving in all of Florida. The Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream is closer to the shoreline at Jupiter Inlet Colony beach than anywhere else. As a result, the warm, clear waters from the Bahamas flow freely with a natural northern current of 3-4 nautical knots. An avid angler himself, DiSarno notes that within a matter of minutes by boat, one is afloat vibrant fishing grounds known for dolphin, sailfish, snapper, kingfish, grouper, and many other types of species. “I’ve caught and released some of the biggest snook ever right at Jupiter Inlet,” recalls DiSarno. “You can literally swim with snook and tropical species right along the jetty’s rocks.” For those enamored with salt life, Jupiter Inlet Colony is the perfect oasis.

Only in the colony can one take an evening stroll on the beach, breathe in the salty air, feel the fresh, coastal wind, and hear the magical music of DiSarno’s unlikely band. Only in the colony can people experience the joys of small town ambiance, the benefits of a personalized government that works solely for the community, and the rewards of living in an environmentally conscience community.  For DiSarno and many others, Jupiter Inlet Colony represents a luxury lifestyle with a laid-back attitude. “Like I tell my clients,” says DiSarno, “whatever you saw today, it’s better…because it’s only in the Colony.”

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