Palm Beach is usually considered a central place for shopping, the arts, and upscale living, so it may be surprising that the county ranks #1 in agriculture production in the state, according to this Palm Beach Post report. In fact, it cites a University of Florida report that found that the area generated more than $1 billion of value in terms of crops, livestock, fisheries, and more. What is perhaps just as surprising is that sugarcane made up about half of this amount, totaling an estimated $511 million. The area's agricultural production not only contributes to government revenue, but it also provides valuable jobs to local workers. In 2013, the report estimates that more than 1.5 million people worked in agriculture which is an 8.7 increase over the previous year. Some economists have estimated that all the value-added impacts contribute to more than 15 percent of the state's entire GDP. Read the full article here: Palm Beach Co. is state’s top producer thanks to sugar cane and more

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