After electing the same mayor for forty years running, Charlestonians finally went to the polls earlier this month to choose a new political leader for their city. The election was close, and two candidates came out on top: John Tecklenburg and Leon Stavrinakis. After a runoff election earlier this week, it's been decided that Charleston's new mayor will be John Tecklenburg. Tecklenburg won the runoff by 3500 votes. He focused on quality-of-life issues throughout his campaign, and his victory speech was no exception. The issues vary depending on where you live in the city, he says. He stressed the importance of tourist management in the downtown area and mentioned that West Ashley has been ignored for too long when it comes to Charleston's improvement efforts. He asked for solidarity among Charlestonians so that he can more effectively address the city's challenges. "I don't have all the answers," Tecklenburg said Tuesday night. "We need to work together as a community, collaboratively, being inclusive, to figure out our problems and move forward," he said. It takes all of us together, not just one person as mayor." Read the full article here: John Tecklenburg Elected Mayor of Charleston

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