Palm Beach is a place that needs a lot of party photographers, and there’s no better person for catching a celebration’s energy than local resident Patrick McMullan. The photographer found his calling when he moved to New York in the 1970s to study business at NYU and immersed himself in the Studio 54 party culture. He earned the admiration of Andy Warhol, who once said, “if you don’t know Patrick McMullan, you ought to get out more.

McMullan is such a prominent society figure that people in the New York jet set use his name as a verb. “Patricking” somebody means looking them up in the archive on the photographer’s website. Patrick still takes party photos every night along with his freelance state of 20 in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

The exhibition at Paul Fisher Gallery includes images from Patrick Mcmullan’s eclectic personal photography collection. On display will be the famous Horace Bristol photograph Rescue at Rabaul, which captures a naked military officer holding a gun during a WWII air-sea rescue mission in New Guinea. The exhibition runs through Dec. 9.

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