gb-color-22-fl The first time Anthony Bourdain visited Charleston, for his now-cancelled TV show No Reservations, he botched the job. He's still taking heat over that episode, but his latest visit, this time for his CNN show Parts Unknown, finally did right by the Holy City. Bourdain made a smart choice in bringing in Sean Brock of Husk Restaurant to be his companion and guide. Brock had Bourdain drinking whiskey right from the jump and soon brought the intrepid travel host to the Waffle House. He also took Bourdain to Husk to meet up with none other than Bill Murray, and the three talked about how the residents of Charleston don't really want anyone else to know about the city. Bourdain didn't skimp on paying his dues to local chefs, either. Abundant Seafood chef Mark Marhefka got to teach Bourdain a lesson or two on trash fish, while Rodney Scott gave him a taste of barbecue heaven. At the end of the episode, Bourdain and Brock lean back at a fishing hole. "This is a special place," Bourdain says. And he's right. Read the full article here: Bourdain Does the Lowcountry Right, Finally

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