Oysters are a quintessential Charleston delicacy, but there's still a lot of misinformation circulating about this food. Nate Alton, Pearlz Oyster Bar shucker, has picked up some tips about oysters over his nine years on the job, and now he's sharing them with customers looking to make the most of their raw bar experience. For starters, Alton would like to dispel the notion that oysters are an aphrodisiac. He says that talking about the possibility of this myth being true is responsible for more romances than the oysters themselves. He also posits that it's okay to east oysters year-round. The belief that it's unsafe to eat oysters at certain times of the year dates back to the days before refrigeration, but the rise of agriculture means oyster farmers can now control when their oysters reach their prime. Alton also sees a lot of patrons putting too much cocktail sauce and horseradish on their oysters, rendering their flavor pointless. He prefers his oysters plain, and if he must dress them he uses only a tiny bit of lime juice. Get more oyster tips from one of Charleston's pros below! Read the full article here: What an Oyster Shucker Thinks You Should Know

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