Pump Up Your Summer with These Easy and Family-Friendly Home Projects

There is something about summer that makes you want to get outside and tackle DIY projects. Maybe it’s the warm air, maybe it’s the kids being home, or maybe it’s simply the satisfaction of completing a project yourself. Regardless of why you choose to take on DIY projects, there are some incredible, easy DIY ideas out there. This summer, grab a few household items, round-up the kids, tap into your artistic side, and enjoy one of these DIY summer projects.

Yard Games

If summer barbeques are in your future, add yard games to your DIY summer projects list. We’ve seen everything from DIY backyard Twister to ladder golf, but we’re partial to DIY Yahtzee. Create your own large scale dice and let the fun begin. For this project, you’ll need a few wooden blocks cut into cubes, a woodburning tool, a few clothespins, and an aluminum bucket. Like all life size games, the standard rules apply. Download the rules and get ready to roll all night long!

Bird Feeder

Bird sighting in your own backyard can be just as fun as spotting them in the wild especially for children. Encourage birds of all sizes and varieties to flock to your yard and stay a while too with a DIY bird feeder. This DIY uses an empty wine bottle making it the perfect post party project. Follow these directions to create your bird feeder base, fill a wine bottle with seed, place it in a prime viewing spot, and watch the birds enjoy their snack.

Sizzlin’ S’mores Pot

Few things scream summer the way s’mores do. While there’s nothing better than roasting marshmallows over a big fire pit, some of us don’t have access to pits of our own. Enter personalized s’mores pots. These pint-size pits provide all the fun of an open flame with a little personal flair. Simply line a clay garden pot with tin foil, add a few pieces of charcoal, drop in a match, and begin roasting. Another tip? Think outside of the box with your chocolate selections. We like using dark chocolate and peanut butter cups!

Perfect Picnic Blanket

Continue the picnic party with a DIY picnic blanket. This easy DIY project uses a plain drop cloth from your local hardware store. Begin by sketching your design on paper. This will help you decide an orientation for your blanket as well as exactly what fabric paint colors you will need. Next, gather your supplies and work on transferring your sketch to your blanket. Once the paint has dried, flip your blanket over and iron it to lock-in the pigment. That’s it! Your blanket will be ready for a summer picnic.

Warm Welcome Mat

A DIY welcome mat helps you welcome guests to your home all summer in style. Housewares stores often have neutral mats available, but why not add some punchy personality? Like the DIY picnic blanket, you will need to decide a design first. We like the watermelon design seen here because of its simplicity and seasonality. Create a stamp using a sponge, dip it in paint (kids love this part!), and add the design to your mat. Allow it to dry completely before adding a coat of clear spray paint to seal the mat and protect it from the elements.

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