Johnny Delaware looks more like a '70's country outlaw than a modern Lowcountry musician. The long-haired, bearded South Dakota native has spent time in Nashville, Albuquerque, and Austin, and finally settled in Charleston to work with a producer he'd heard about. Johnny Delaware is Charleston City Paper's Singer-Songwriter of the year for the city of Charleston. Delaware dropped out of college a year away from a degree in social work to pursue a career in music. He slept on couches, toured with no budget, and worked odd jobs to make his dream come true. "The struggle is the best part," Delaware says. "I used to have four dollars in my bank account, and I loved it." Wolfgang Zimmerman, the producer Delaware sought out, eventually agreed to work with him, and the two collaborated on Delaware's 2013 album Secret Waves. Even with Zimmerman's help, though, it's Delaware's personality that defines his output. With hints of pop-rock, roots-rock, and even dark post-punk, Delaware revels in his music. Delaware also plays in the local band SUSTO, and though he has new solo material recorded, he plans on staying committed to the band for now. Read the full article here: Singer-Songwriter of the Year: Johnny Delaware

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