It's difficult to commercialize the results of scientific research. This is nothing new. It's always been tough to turn an idea into a tangible asset and find the right market for the final product. But at Charleston's Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), work is underway to ease this process with a unique combination of scientific and business expertise. MUSC is well-known as a center of medical innovation, but it's also known for its growing relationship with local and international business. In the past two years it has been building that reputation through its work with the Institute of Applied Neuroscience (IAN), which now develops and licenses new technologies coming out of MUSC. Ted Bird, who has more than thirty years' worth of experience in sales, marketing, and executive leadership in the medical device industry, has brought his expertise to this collaboration. His idea is to license new medical technologies and help the licensees develop their ideas into saleable products with the help of IAN engineers. This will help bring new medical and scientific discoveries to market faster than was previously possible for the great minds at MUSC! Read the full article here: MUSC Units Help Turn Scientific Research into Commercial Success

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