Leroy Lowder has lived in the Lowcountry for the past 40 years, and for almost half that time he has raised rabbits to be sold to hungry customers. His company, Rabbits Ltd., is still known by the name, but Lowder no longer raises hare. But that doesn't mean he's not still trying to expand the culinary horizons of the Lowcountry. There's a hand-painted sign at the end of his driveway that tells you what you'll find if you go up to his front door: bison burgers, gator, frog legs, and more. It's all for sale. Lowder doesn't advertise, nor does he have a website. Each week, distributors bring Lowder's meats to his door. Buffalo from Nevada, frog legs and alligator from Lousiana. Most of his customers are local and will just stop in and tell Lowder what they want. Lowder is also quick to give out cooking tips for his unusual stock: bison is best cooked low and slow, while alligator will turn out well if soaked in buttermilk for 25 minutes. If you're looking for a little something out of the ordinary for your holiday feast this year, why not look up Leroy Lowder? Read the full article here: An Adventure in Selling Unusual Meats

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