Craft beer may grab all the headlines, but small-batch liquor is becoming more and more popular in the Lowcountry. As recently as two and a half years ago there wasn't a single small-batch distillery in town, and now there are six! Which local liquors should you be lapping up? Red Harbor Rum is situated in the same warehouse complex as both a church and North Charleston's SWAT team. Co-owners Jake MacDowell and Justin Buchanan run a two-man operation inspired by Colonial-era rum. They make theirs in charred barrels just like back in the colonial days, and the rum features a bourbon smell and taste as opposed to the traditional sweetness of most rums. Virgil Kaine's rye whiskeys are another highlight of Charleston's local liquor scene. Co-founder and professional chef David Szlam looks at whiskey like a chef looks at a dish's ingredients: the better the parts, the better the whole. Their High Rye Bourbon balances out the sweetness of the whiskey's corn component with a large amount of rye, for example. There are plenty of other great liquors available only Charleston. Check out the article below to learn about them all! Read the full article here: From Colonial-Era Rum to Pepper-Infused Vodka, the City Has Something for Everyone

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