Get ready, West Palm Beach, 'cause the world famous Diner en Blanc is headed our way this fall!! What is Diner en Blanc, you might ask? It's a flash mob-like dinner party that descends on a given location. It was started in France in 1988 and has continued in various cities around the world. And while it's a very exclusive event with lots of secrets, there are some things that are common to all their events regardless of location. Perhaps most notably, it is a very classy affair. Everyone must wear white and bring tables and chairs with white coverings. Although it's a big group dinner, food is not provided; instead, attendees are asked to bring baskets with high-end foods and real drinking glasses and flatware. Alcohol is allowed, but it must be purchased from Diner en Blanc's official store. Invitations are extremely hard to get, as it takes a connection to one of the organizers to nab a coveted slot. And the final location is kept an absolute secret, with people being shuttled in at the last moment. Read the full article here: 10 things to know about that chic ‘Diner en Blanc’ picnic coming to West Palm Beach

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