Palm Beach Illustrated has a great feature about the eco-centric destinations that are just a short road trip away from Palm Beach. Palm Beach residents can take a seaplane to the gorgeous Dry Tortugas National Park to check out seabirds, turtles, sharks, shipwrecks, and an old fortress. Science-loving travelers can go to the riverbeds of the Peace River to go on tours with amateur paleontologist Mark Renz. Renz leads participants by kayak to digging sites where they may find the teeth of prehistoric animals and other Pliocene artifacts.

Incredible animal encounters can be found in many places close to Palm Beach. The Everglades, with its gators, tropical birds, and hawks is a perfect place for wilderness photography. Crystal River Wildlife Refuge, just 4 hours from Palm Beach, is the only location in Florida where people are legally allowed to swim with Manatees. It is truly amazing how much beautiful and unique wildlife can be found just a weekend’s trip away from Palm Beach. Florida is a state filled with natural wonders that can’t be found anywhere else in America, and every Floridian should try to make an effort to take advantage of the state’s natural bounty.

Read the full article here: Road Trip: Eco-Florida

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