South Florida should be proud to have such a diverse economy. One component is the tech sector which this article on Biz Journals discusses in terms of a startup incubator based in Fort Lauderdale. Even for the brightest and most eager future techies, venture capital tends to be a tough nut to crack, and the event this group recently held seems no different. In fact, one of the VCs told prospective applicants to not even apply if there wasn't excitement about their pitch. Another also added that a similar, early incubator in Tampa had companies voting each other off during the process. The general idea of the incubator is for VCs and other angel investors to select a few very early-stage concepts for technology businesses they think have potential. They will then work with the entrepreneur to launch a business and get other outside investors. Other such systems already operate in South Florida but most focus on later stage ideas with government and non-profit entities. Read the full article here: This new Fort Lauderdale tech incubator wants to know if you're good enough to get funded

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