Are you looking to update your home decor this fall? This season is all about mixing things up using rustic, contemporary, and traditional styles. The handmade look reigns supreme, and you can expect plenty of furniture labeled with a place of origin and the maker's information. What else is trending in home decor this fall? You're likely to see a lot of creamy whites and mineral tones like gray, khaki, and smoke. These colors provide a sense of calm to balance today's hectic lifestyles while celebrating nature. When it comes to materials, it's all about the mix. The best looks combine at least two colors and materials, like black lacquer and metallic accents such as brass and copper. The handmade trend also extends to these metals: hand-carved, forged, and assembled pieces add character to any room. Acacia, walnut, birch, and beech are popular woods for this season, with finishes ranging from weatherworn to highly lacquered. If you're moving to the Charleston area this season, check out the article below and learn where you can find the latest trends in home decor locally! Read the full article here: Fall 2015 Decor is All About the Mix

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