Echo Bodine, who has been a New Age practitioner since 1965, will be stopping by the Marriott in West Palm Beach this Saturday to discuss her most recent book, What Happens When We Die. The book details the insights Echo believes she has gained about the afterlife from her decades as a New Age psychic and healer. She will be joined at the lecture by the famous Manhattan medium Thomas John.

This event will be great for New Age enthusiasts and those who are interested in the possibility of gleaning facts about the afterlife. Thomas John will be giving personal readings to some of the people in attendance, which is notable because the waiting list for his readings in Manhattan is well over a year long.

Obviously, this lecture is not for everyone. Many people will find Echo’s outlandish claims about her ability to speak with angels and the spirits of the dead fanciful and hard to believe. However, as the psychic notes in an interview with Boca Mag, a surprisingly large percentage of people believe in psychics and mediums, or at least find them helpful emotionally. If you’re a paranormal enthusiast, or want to see if Thomas John can actually reach out to spirits from beyond the pale, you might find the lecture interesting.

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