We recently talked about what a big component agriculture is to the Florida economy, and now, a recent article in the Palm Beach Post talks about the $4.1 billion worth of produce exported each year. America's neighbor to the north, Canada, is the top destination, with nearly $1 billion in sales. Other big markets include the Bahamas, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Part of the business is growing the crops like sweet corn and mushrooms that are popular in other places. But the other important component is logistics—how to get the produce to a destination hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away in good condition. According to an official with the state's department of agriculture, this depends on finding good and reliable partners to work with. New markets that are being explored include Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. While agriculture isn't necessarily as fun or “sexy” a topic as shopping or food, it's crucial for Palm Beach and Florida in general to maintain such a diverse economy. Read the full article here: Fresh from Florida products sell globally — $4.1 billion in 159 nations

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