Boone Hall is a historic plantation in the Charleston area that still actively harvests local produce. Once a year, though, the plantation morphs into a haunted house for locals who want to get into the Halloween spirit. That's right, Boone Hall's "Fright Nights" is back, and this year the annual event includes four separate attractions set to scare the living daylights out of you. There's Horror High, a school for "horror learning" with a faculty ready to give you an education in terror. Blackout is a rather quieter, more subtle experience, which will see participants trapped in total darkness with just enough light to catch a glimpse of the creatures stalking them. The Wicked Woods Hayride is a yearly favorite that's back again. The main attraction, though, is Zombie Town. The brave souls who enter the town will have to venture into buildings and down streets that have been previously closed to the public. The catch, of course, is that zombies are lurking everywhere waiting to grab you! Fright Nights is open on Fridays and Saturdays from sundown until midnight and Sundays until 10PM. Read the full article here: Boone Hall Fright Nights Features Four Terrifying Attractions

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