Charleston has a number of breweries, and that number is growing all the time. Chris Winn, co-owner of Tradesman Brewing Company, has led his fair share of brewery tours. His insider perspective on tour-going may be invaluable if you're planning on learning more about Charleston's growing craft beer scene. This may seem obvious, but Winn's first piece of advice to tour-goers is not to show up drunk. Sometimes, he says, people get a little too excited about taking a brewery tour. The tours are meant to be educational, not a party, so it's best to arrive with a clear head. Winn also encourages taste-testing some new things. "We want you to try things even if it's not what you usually like," he says. He also notes that many brewery employees will be miffed if you show up to a tour raving about a beer you love from another brewery. Finally, it's important to stay safe. Wear close-toed shoes, don't touch anything unless you're told it's okay, and don't drink too much at the tasting and you should have a great time. Which of Charleston's many microbreweries are you going to tour first? Read the full article here: Showing Brewery Visitors the Way to Take a Tour

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