This is a truly inspiring story. A 13-year old North Palm Beach girl is the CEO of her own non-profit. Her name is Kayla Abramowitz, and she began Kayla Cares 4 Kids two years ago after her Crohn's disease and juvenile arthritis left her bored in the hospital. So she decided to start sending out packages with games, books, and DVDs that kids at children's hospitals can use while they're being treated. Kayla Cares 4 Kids recently reached a big milestone when it succeeded in reaching all 50 states, with the last one being Mercy Hospital in Arkansas. In all, her work has helped 81 facilities thus far, and her goal is to reach the 400 children's hospitals and Ronald McDonald houses on her list. In addition to spending her time raising money and marketing her charity, Kayla is a normal teenager who attends school and loves playing Minecraft. Kudos to all the great work she is doing! Read the full article here: North Palm Beach teen’s nonprofit reaches all 50 states

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