Fall has arrived, and that means cooler temperatures, hot beverages, and a bounty of vegetables at Charleston's local farmer's markets. Farmers have spent all summer laboring in the heat to bring us the very best in fresh local fare, from sweet potatoes to squash to pecans. But where can you get this locally-grown produce? The Lowcountry Street Grocery will soon be bringing it straight to the neighborhoods of Charleston! While Kickstarters may usually make folks roll their eyes, Lindsey Barrow had a great idea for one: mobile farmers markets. Barrow's idea began as a mission to bring access to healthy food to low-income areas, and he launched a campaign that would allow him to purchase a vintage school bus and retrofit it into a grocery-selling headquarters. After a $47,000 Kickstarter campaign, his Lowcountry Street Grocery is almost ready to roll. Their goal is be as inclusive and supportive of local Charleston-area growers as possible, and to bring their food to as many communities as they can. Many of these growers don't have a ready path to market, and Barrow hopes to provide them with one. Find out more about this cool agricultural project below! Read the full article here: Lowcountry Street Grocery's Bus Hopes to Drive Out Hunger

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