Palm Beach County Real EstateLois Pope’s passion for helping people who come home from serving their country with disabilities started early. When the Palm Beach County philanthropist was a singer and Broadway actress in New York in the 1960s, she performed at a veterans’ benefit and was shocked to see dozens of people who had lost limbs or were otherwise disfigured by war. She was moved so deeply by the sight that she vowed to help disabled veterans if she ever was in a position to do so.

Fortunately, she ended up marrying the late National Enquirer publisher Generoso Pope. She has used the funds from his publishing empire to fulfill the promise to disabled veterans that she made in the 1960s. First, she spearheaded the effort to create a monument for disabled veterans in Washington D.C. The monument was completed in 2014. More recently, she funded the documentary “Debt of Honor: Disabled Veterans in American History,” which debuts on PBS on Nov. 10. The film sheds much-needed light on the struggles American soldiers have had adjusting to life after coming back from conflicts injured.

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